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Your Style Can Speak Volumes with Colour

  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 15 Feb, 2017

I love colour.   If you look in my closet you will see a colour spectrum. And yes, I do have all my tops and bottoms arranged by colour!   Colour is a great way to add visual interest to an outfit. When I work with clients, I help them determine which colours suit their personal colouring.   At times, we will look at what message they want to convey by the colours they are wearing.  

I often hear from clients that they mostly wear certain colours like black because they just don’t know what colours suit them best and it is a safe bet for them.   Black can be a very sophisticated and glamorous colour.   But,   When I see a client’s closet and the majority of it is black, it makes me sad.   It looks so serious and somber. This is not surprising as black is a colour that not not only symbolizes formality, but it also symbolizes death and darkness.  

Colour not only effects your mood and energy, but it can also influence others.   The field of Colour Psychology has studied what messages colours convey to others and how people respond to colours.   Different cultures respond to different colours in different ways.   But, in general, people in the Western Hemisphere respond to colours in similar ways.  

Red sends a strong message:  

  • Can be seen as vibrant, powerful, scary, fiery, dynamic, intense, passionate.
  • People who wear read are seen as self-confident.
  • It is the colour of the devil in Western Culture.
  • It also symbolizes, strength, bravery, energy, fire, love, romance, excitement, heat leadership, courage, masculinity, danger, revolution, and radicalism.

White sends a very different message:

  • It signifies purity, clarity, simplicity, neutrality, sterility.
  • It is often associated with cleanliness and freshness.
  • In Western tradition a bride wears white; doctors wear white coats.
  • It symbolizes light, reverence, truth, innocence, snow, and winter.

The message of Yellow:

  • It evokes feelings of happiness.
  • It symbolizes sunlight, joy, optimism, warmth, earth, intelligence, idealism, and wealth (gold).
  • It can also convey cowardice, fear, hazards, dishonesty, weakness, and greed.

What Blue has to say:

  • Dark blues convey honesty, determination and strength of character.
  • Blue is non-threatening, confident and stable.   It is the colour of dependability and safety.   (Think of the police uniform that conveys confidence and security, while being non-threatening)  
  • Blue can also signify depression.
  • Blue is the colour of logic, knowledge, decisiveness, honesty, dependability and safety.

Many people are intimidated by colour in their wardrobe. Colours do make you stand out.   If you think you have to be confident to wear colour, maybe it is really the other way around. Wearing colour gives you confidence.  Colours can make you look healthier, leaner, taller, younger and more attractive.  It can also have the opposite effect.  To ensure that the colours you wear are working for you and sending the right message consider consulting a professional for a Colour Season Analysis. You can contact me for a free consultation at .

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