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  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 12 Oct, 2016

We have heard it time and time again…every woman should have a little black dress or LBD in their wardrobe.  We are told it is a staple that can be dressed up or down.

Although, I think that every woman should have a “go to” dress for special occasions or even just a night out with your special someone, I generally recommend that only women who fall in the Winter colour season wear black.

True Winters tend to have skin that contrasts dramatically with their hair and eye colour and therefore seem “intense”.  They have blue, cool undertones to their skin.  They look best in colours that contain sharper contrast.  Winters look “intense”, “vibrant”, “vivid”, “pure” and “clean”  so they can handle the boldness of black. 

Some well known Winters are Catherine Zeta Jones, Courtney Cox Arquette and Liza Manelli.

Looking your best means wearing colours that make your eyes brighter, hair shinier, skin look smoother, healthier and your teeth appear whiter.  Those who fall within the Summer, Spring and Autumn colour season look drained of all colour and appear tired in black.

So what about those who fit in one of the other seasons: Summer, Spring and Autumn?


Although Summers  also have a blue undertone to their skin, they differ from winters as their skin contrasts gently with their hair and eye colour.  They have a more muted, dusty, softer and less intense look to them.  This means they look best in colours that are softer and less bold.   Summers look “harmonious” and “subtle”.  When Summers dress in more intense or highly contrasting colours, their features will seem overpowered.  

Some well known Summers include Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston and Diane Keaton.

Summers can opt for a charcoal, medium grey or light navy dress as their go to.


Like winters, Spring colors are clear, but they are more bright than bold and have a yellow undertone to their skin.  So they look best in warm colours.  They suit colours that are vibrant and electric or clear pastels.  

Springs can opt for a coffee brown, navy or violet dress.

Notable Springs include Gwenyth Paltrow, Avril Lavigne and Amy Adams.  


We can recognize Autumns by the rich, earthy colours of the season for which they are named.  They often have a golden or yellow undertone to their skin.  They fall within a warm palette therefore they should wear colours that are deep, rich and vivid with a yellow undertone.

Notable Autumns include Penelop Cruz, Beyonce Knowles and Queen Latifah.

Autumns can opt for a dark chocolate brown, crimson or aubergine as their go to.  

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