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  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 22 Jun, 2016

Like many people, I have difficulty with just “being” . I have been programmed like most of you to constantly be doing.  I learned this behavior largely from my father.  He is the classic workaholic.  But, I also know our society conditions us to value ourselves and our success by our actions and accomplishments.  In addition, we are taught to believe that our actions alone create our success.

In one of my previous blogs, I spoke to one of the 7 Universal Laws of Attraction called the Law of Allowing.  The Law of Allowing is integral to the Law of Attraction as it is the path of least resistance and action .  Allowing is an inside job.  It is the energy work of aligning your thoughts and feelings with your desires.  

In her book, “The Art of Having it All”, Christy Whitman states that action is male energy while allowing is female energy .   She informs that being a master creator is about the balance between the inner work and the outer work ; the yin (passive) and yang (active).   


Finding ways to connect to our spirit, our true selves or the essence of who we are is the key to the Law of Pure Potentiality.  The Law of Pure Potentiality states that the universe has no limits and as such anything is possible .  But, we can not truly connect to our infinite potential if we are stuck in action.  

Deepak Chopra, world reknown spiritual teacher and author, tells us that our mind is limited, yet our soul is infinite beyond space, time and causality.   In order to connect with our pure consciousness or our pure potential we need to connect to our spirit . We need to focus within.

Most of us are externally focused and motivated by others opinions and approval.  We are in fear of doing certain things because we worry about what other people will say, think or feel .   When we come from a place of fear we are not experiencing our pure potential .  

Our ego, meaning the way we view and define ourselves is conditioned by our parents, teachers and society.  The ego part of us tells us that we are not enough.  Our ego is focused on what we do in the world, what we wear, what car we drive and what house we own.  The ego wants approval and control .   The ego gets us stuck in action and competition .

According to Christy Whitman in her book “The 7 Essential Laws” she states that when we focus on our inner being and are less focused on the external world; other people’s opinions no longer matter and we can let go of the reigns.  

She goes on to say that our spirit is free of outside conditions, circumstance or anything external. It does not compete or compare because everyone is unique and different and at the same time we are all connected and the same. Our spirit does not know fear, only love.

If you know that through your soul you are connected to the universe and that the universe provides for your every need, then you are unlimited in your potential.    

Anything is possible and nothing is impossible!


Praying :

When we pray we are having a conversation with our higher power; we are speaking to the universe. I once heard every thought we have is prayer. So, pay attention to your thoughts and focus on what you want


Meditation reciprocates prayer. It is about listening to the divine.  Meditation is a powerful way to tap into your unlimited potential and creativity.  Deepak Chopra wisely states that the “soul is the space between our thoughts” . We can get into “being” in stillness.  

Practicing non-judgment:

Some research suggests that 99.9% of our thoughts are judgments.  We are accustomed to using words like right or wrong, good and bad and should and should not as short hand for expressing what we do not like, want or prefer .  When noticing yourself being judgmental, stop yourself and choose to think, feel and act in alignment with love.

Being in nature:

It is almost impossible to disregard the evidence of pure potentiality when we are in nature.  Think of looking up at the sky on a clear, dark night and observing the unlimited stars; the expansiveness of the universe.   Being in nature re-enforces that we are connected to all that is.  

Letting go of control:

Being in feminine energy and allowing is about letting go of action we feel will control the outcome or the result .  It is about having faith and trusting that the universe is co-creating with us.   Let the universe lead the dance for a while.  

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