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What end of the stick are you focusing on?

  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 20 Jul, 2016

The 7th Universal Law: The Law of Polarity: 

Most of us have heard the expression “to get the short end of the stick”.  We understand this to mean getting the bad end of a deal or receiving the least desirable outcome.  We also understand in turn, that the person who got the longer end of the stick, got the upper hand in the situation.  

I myself have had times where I felt that I have gotten the “bum” end of the deal.  I remember starting my first full time position in community mental health close to 20 years ago.  I was so excited to be starting my career as a professional. 

My excitement was crushed when I came into work one day about six months later and was told my position was terminated immediately due to a funding technicality. I recall being incensed and thinking how unjust the situation was.  I was also angry because I was pursuing my Masters in Social Work at the time and had left full-time studies for part-time studies to take this position.

Thinking back, I see how I really got the better end of the stick.   I was able to return to full-time studies (it took some doing), graduated earlier and found a full-time position that was even better paying and in a much healthier work environment.  Because of how it all unfolded, I was able to get trained in a therapeutic approach that allowed me to grow personally and professionally in my own therapy practice.

Bob Proctor , world renown success coach and speaker tells us that every situation just isYou make it negative or positive by how you choose to think about it .  When you look at a situation one way and it is negative, you can change your perspective and look at if from the opposite viewpoint and find it will be positive.

William Shakespeare said it best in Hamlet, “ There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

In essence, this captures the Law of Polarity : the 7th Universal Law.  The Law of Polarity states there are two poles or opposites to everything .  Spiritual guru, Deepak Chopra adds that things that appear as opposites to us are in fact extremes of the same thing.  

We experience many examples of the Law of Polarity in our lives: hot and cold, rich and poor, love and hate, and right and wrong.   When we experience these opposites we are at the extreme ends of the spectrum. But, there is a full range of possibilities in between ranging from positive to negative depending on your perspective. 

Christy Whitman , Law of Attraction author, speaker and coach stresses that it is important to understand that the Law of Polarity facilitates transformation. W ithin each experience, regardless of how it may be perceived, is the possibility, as well as the ability, to experience the opposite . If you are currently experiencing difficult and unfulfilling relationships, within that situation lies the possibility of experiencing healthy and harmonious relationships.

The Law of Attraction notion of contrast; those experiences we do not like, want or prefer is the opposite of clarity; what we do want, like and prefer.  Without contrast there is no clarity .  Once we have clarity, then we can ask the Universe for what we desire. Then we can deliberately create, allow and take action toward our desires. To create what we desire we need to have both ends of stick.

Abraham Hicks speaks to the Law of Polarity saying every subject really has 2 subjects: that which we desire and the absence of that which we desire .  Once again two ends of the same stick; what we want on one end and what we don’t want on the other. What end of the stick you pay attention to will determine your vibrational frequency and what you are sending out to the universe

If you are paying attention to your body and releasing weight and you are feeling frustrated, discouraged or disgusted with yourself, you are focusing on the absence of what you desire.  If however, your attention is on your body and releasing weight and you are feeling enthusiastic, excited and optimistic, you are focusing on what you desire.

The Law of Polarity exists as a way for us to to explore and experience life to the fullest.  For example, if you did not know what it is like to feel bad, how would you know when you are feeling good.  How would you know what success feels like if you have never experienced the stumbling blocks to success or what others might call failure.

The Law of Polarity works in conjunction with the Law of Pure Potentiality; the potential and possibility to experience the opposite exists.  The results that we see in our lives are directly related to the choices we make on how we perceive something.  The determining factor between experiencing the short end or the long end of the stick is what you believe to be true and what you choose to focus on.

How to apply the Law of Polarity:

  1. Practice Acceptance of what is, as it is, in the moment: when we accept we neutralize our emotions
  2. Extend acceptance to appreciation of the contrast as it allows you to get clear on the opposite and know what the opposite feels like
  3. Observe contrast, those things you don’t like want and prefer, then redirect your thoughts to what you do want

The Law of Polarity like the Law of Attraction exists whether we are aware of it or not. We might as well use it to our advantage.

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