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Inside Out - Tips and Bits

  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 07 Jan, 2016

What do I know!

Welcome to my blog page! I am excited to share with you a bit more about me and what I will be talking about in my future blogs regarding the Law of Attraction and Style Coaching. 

      “The basis of life is absolute freedom.

      The objective of life is absolute joy.

      The result of life is absolute growth”. 

     — Abraham Hicks

Operation Bliss

All of my life I have been a caregiver. I am not sure if I came out of the womb that way or I was socialized into it from a very early age. It is most likely a combination of both. I believe my purpose on this earth plane is to contribute to the well-being of others in some way. I want to leave this earth knowing that I contributed to the growth and joy of many and that in turn, they have touched the lives of others in a positive way. 

It is no surprise given my life experience that I went into social work and then became a therapist.   I found this work to be challenging and yet, so worthwhile and fulfilling. I walked on sacred ground with so many clients who revealed themselves to me and trusted me to help them climb out of their pain.   It was an honour that I did not take lightly.   

My season for this work ended. I noticed that my passion had dissipated and this calling was no longer resonating with my soul. Just as Abraham professes we are here to grow and be joyful, so I exercised my freedom to continue fulfilling my desires, my truth and my joy. I left a successful private practice as a therapist and started a new journey. I called it Operation Bliss. And now, I am a Law of Attraction Life Coach and a Style Coaching™.  

I look forward to sharing upcoming tips and bits with you on the 7 Essential Universal Laws of Attraction and easy to use processes to put into practice so you can live out your dreams.

Being "Other is Beautiful"

Just as from an early age I was a caregiver, I was also keenly reminded of my “otherness”. And in this case “other” meant less than.   My less than story included being overweight most of my life. I struggled with my body-image, self-image and self-confidence.  

When I was counseling and doing therapy I was struck by how similar my clients’ stories were to mine. Many of my clients were trauma survivors who were highly suicidal. They often had other serious conditions such as addictions and eating disorders.   I frequently heard my clients, mostly women and some men talk about themselves and the way they looked with such self-hatred.   I also noticed that in general, many women I encountered in my personal life also spoke about themselves and their bodies with contempt.  

I am choosing to let go of my “other’ as a “less than” story. I am choosing to define myself and claim my worth despite what our society and media tells us about who we should be and what we should look like. I am determined to help other women like me do the same.    

My tips and bits on style coaching will focus on self-confidence and how to get it along with ideas on how to look great. Individuality, confidence and style wins over fashion trends, brand names and runways. My energy will be invested in helping you be the best version of you from the inside-out.

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