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Spring into Summer Style!

  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 16 May, 2016

Choosing Your WOW Colours

Welcome Spring! Time to ditch the boots, coats, scarves, mitts and all the neutral and some would say drab colours we wear during the winter: black, grey and navy.  Welcome Colour!  Spring colours are bright and clear, just like the colours of a spring day.  The yellow undertones of the season are vibrant and electric. They make us cheery!  

Summer colours are muted with blue undertones. Imagine a serene sunset on the beach; the horizon a mixture of slate blue, hushed violet and powder pink.  The Pantone fashion colours for Spring 2016 favour the pastels. Colours with a calming, gentle and soothing tone such as Rose Quarts, Peach Echo, Serenity Blue and Lilac Grey with a couple of more exciting colours thrown in like Buttercup and Fiesta Red. 

With the warmer weather we are anxious to go shopping and in the the stores we see that beautiful red-orange, the bright greens and yellows, the pastels… and we fall in love.  But, take pause before you buy.  Are these colours your WOW colours? 

Your WOW colours are those colours that give you a healthy glow, make your skin look more even, make your eyes bright and sparkle, make your hair look more shiny and intense and connect harmoniously with you. People who are true Springs have a yellow undertone to their skin and suit warm colours.  However, if you have a cool undertone to your skin these colours could make you look washed out, make your eyes, skin and hair look dull and make you look older! If you are a cool like a true Summer, choose colours with a blue undertone instead.  

Tips to Determine a Warm Undertone:

  • Your skin looks warm, golden or creamy, you tan easily and you have obvious freckles
  • You suit gold better than silver jewelry
  • Cream will suit you better than white
  • Your veins will appear to have a green tint

Tips to Determine a Cool Undertone:

  • Your skin looks rosy or pink and it burns easily
  • You suit silver better than gold jewelry
  • Pure white will suit you better than cream
  • Your veins will appear to have a blue tint

There are 2 seasons we have missed out on; Autumn and Winter.  Autumns have a yellow/warm undertone to their skin like Springs, but their colours are rich and earthy.  Winters have a subtle cool/blue undertone to their skin like Summers, but the colours for this season are clear, icy and intense. 

It may be harder for an Autumn or Winter to find their WOW colours at this time of the year.  But, that does not mean settling on a colour that will not make you pop. When you wear your WOW colours, you not only look better, you feel better.   And remember, your season will come again!

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