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Is Coaching For You?

Is Coaching for You?

Coaching is for you when your life is essentially working well and most areas of your life are in order. You may however have particular areas of your life where you are stuck, you want to grow or change. The purpose of coaching is to help you achieve your goals. It is present and future oriented and results focused. It is meant to keep you accountable to your action steps and goals. As the client, you set the goals and the agenda.

Clients who most benefit from coaching are:
  • willing to examine themselves
  • open to new perspectives and ways of being
  • committed to their personal growth 
  • take ownership of their lives 
  • embrace a power stance versus a victim stance
  • want to lead amazing lives 
If you are dealing with an active mental health issue, addiction, eating disorder or a domestic abuse situation you would be better served by a counsellor or therapist. If these issues have been stabilized, coaching could be a very useful way for you to create even greater success in your life. At times, coaches do work with clients who are seeing a psychotherapist or counsellor.

If you think that coaching is for you or you have questions about whether it is for you, feel free to contact me at
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