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  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 30 Nov, 2016

I am very excited about the Holidays nearing.   I am looking forward to the time off and quality time with friends and family.   I am also aware that I will be indulging (as I am sure many of you who also celebrate the “Merry” season); I will consume a bit more wine than usual, more rich foods than typical and definitely more chocolate! It is not surprising then that I may put on a few pounds during this time and then feel more frumpy.

If all the “Merry” of the season has the same effect on you,  first and foremost I encourage you to be kind to yourself and love your body no matter what.  And, every little bit helps.

So, here are some tips on how to make the most of your figure and dress in a way which will help you instantly appear slimmer:

  • Stand up straight; shoulders back, head up slightly, and voila 5 pounds released!

  • Choose darker colours as the base of your wardrobe; navy, black, charcoal grey and dark aubergine.  Dark colours absorb light and therefore make surface areas appear smaller. 

  • Avoid anything too tight anywhere on the body from waistbands, to shoe straps to watches or rings.  No one looks good with flesh hanging over or feeling “sausaged" in their clothes.

  • Use vertical lines to slim and elongate; vertical lines in the pattern such as a pinstriped pant or a skinny scarf hanging around the neck and down the front line of the body.

  • Go monochromatic; yes wear the same colour on the bottom and top.  If you are wearing a skirt wear hosiery of the same colour and shoes of the same colour.  Add interest to the outfit with a pop of colour in your accessories, or play with different shades of the colour or with shine, sheen and texture of the colour. 

  • Wear a heel, even if it is only an inch and wear a pointed toe shoe; avoid rounded and squared-toed shoes.

  • Choose clean-line clothing: avoid details such as too many ruffles, too many frills and big round buttons which just add bulk to your frame.

  • Avoid pockets with flaps or embellishment if you want to minimize your buttocks.  Instead choose trousers or jeans with centered pockets that lay flat, preferably with the same colored stitching as the pant. 

  • Choose good foundation pieces: a control top pair of pantyhose or control panties can smooth that bloated belly!

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