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How to Turn “No Way” into “On My Way!”

  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 26 Oct, 2016

Is anybody else challenged by technology?   I am.   I see young kids, teenagers, young adults (millenials) keying away on their phones, iPads, computers performing what seems like magic to me on social media. I just don’t get it.   It seems my mind just does not compute!   It feels like how I used to feel when I did math in high school. I guess I am more of a right brain thinker than a left brain thinker.   At least that is the story I tell myself.  

Since, I believe in the Law of Attraction philosophy that what I focus on I create and grows, I recently decided that this is not a story that I want to hold on to. Yet, I am still resistant to the idea that I am going to be some sort of computer genius in the future!   It is really hard for me to buy into.   So, I decided that I am going to start saying that “I am in the process of mastering technology.”  


“I am in the process” is a way to work the Law of Attraction when you have a hard time believing that you will get what you desire most.   This is especially true if you are focusing on the reality that what you want hasn’t come yet.   When you concentrate on what you don’t have, you are offering a negative vibration. So instead, feel the relief of saying “I am in the process.”  

When you say you don’t have something, it is another way of focusing on the lack.   When we focus on lack we are in resistance.   Resistance are the negative emotions such as fear, doubt, and disappointment that keep us out of the flow of pure, positive energy.   It is important to release these lower level emotions or negative vibrations by getting back to a place of feeling good; optimism, hope and positive expectation. In order to get to a place of allowing.


The Universal Law of Allowing is about trusting and having faith that what you want is coming.  It is maintaining the feeling state that what you want is already happening.  It starts with hoping but goes beyond hoping: it is about knowing to your core that it is going to happen for you physically as it has already been happening emotionally or vibrationally.  It is about remaining laser focused on your goal or desire, but detaching from how it is going to happen and to some degree how it is going to manifest.  Allowing is the principle of least action and no resistance. Allowing is the energetic alignment between what we desire and our thoughts and emotions.  Allowing happens when we are connected to the divine part of the selves. 

Okay, so at this point I don't know to my core that I am going to be a computer genius, but I am working towards it.

Whenever your catch yourself saying that you don’t have something yet, stop yourself and instead say “I am in the process of attracting, becoming, creating…” and then fill in the blank!  

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