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  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 02 Nov, 2016

I have never gravitated towards the colour brown.   I can appreciate that it is a great neutral that can be worn with any colour.  It is especially nice coupled with an orange red, burnt red, orange, rust or forest green.

I value the colour brown for its richness, versatility, sophistication and warmth.  And, there are so many variety of browns to choose from. You have your Latte, Expresso, Rust, Copper, Bronze, Cocoa, Mahogany and the list goes on.  Yet, I still cannot bring myself to wearing it. 

Pantone’s Fall Fashion Colour Report for 2016 has identified Warm Taupe and Potter’s Clay as the top colour picks of the season.   Warm taupe is described as timeless.  Potter’s Clay has an orange/rust undertone and has been described as a shade with real substance.  Some stylists believe that brown can and should be worn by everyone.  But, I beg to differ.  

In order to look our best we must know what our “WOW” colours are.  

Your “WOW” Colours will:

  • Brighten your eyes
  • Make your hair look healthier and shinier
  • Smooth and brighten your skin tone  
  • Diminish facial lines, shadows and blemishes and overall;
  • Harmonize with you.

When a proper Colour Analysis is done with a qualified professional, you learn what your primary and secondary colour characteristics are. You are shown what tint, tone or shade of brown will work for you and/or if brown will work for you at all.  

If you are determined to be a Dark, Warm or Muted Autumn many shades of brown will work for  you.  But if you are a Bright Winter, a Cool Winter or a Bright Spring, not so much. In fact, brown is not your “WOW” colour.  

It is important not to get carried away with trends.  Just because Brown is all over the fashion runways, does not mean you should go out and fashion a monochromatic Potter’s Clay outfit.  Best to get guidance from someone who will make sure you pop not the colour you are wearing!

I invite you to learn more about your “WOW” colours by checking out my previous blog posts “Spring into Summer Style" and "Why the Little Black Dress is not for Everyone!"

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