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  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 05 Oct, 2016

Do you ever have those Monday mornings when you wake up feeling overwhelmed by your work to do list?  You want to hide or run away. Or, you wish you could turn back the clock and go back to your weekend or fast forward to the end of the day on Friday? I do.   

I am sure you have heard the saying “Look before you Leap”.  It is a well-meaning phrase to remind us to think of all the consequences before we take action. I think it serves us all to find the balance between thinking through our actions, as well as not overthinking to a state of paralysis.  

I would also like to propose the benefit of using the Law of Attraction and the power of intention before we act .  And more specifically the power of the Law of Deliberate Creation .

When I wake up on a Monday morning dreading my day ahead, I know that I am not in alignment with my goals and the actions to achieve my goals.  I know that I am having fear thoughts, lack thoughts and limiting beliefs that are contributing to my dread.   So, I turn my focus on my intentions for the day.   

My intentions are not so much about what I will do , but more so about how I will do them and what essence qualities or feeling state I will be in when I do them. For instance I will intend,    “As I am writing my social media posts I am inspired, the words flow to me easily and I am providing value.”   Before I coach my clients, I set an intention to hold my client in their highest vision and to act as a vehicle for the divine to work through me for the greatest good of my client, myself and all. 

The Law of Deliberate Creation states that what we focus on with emotion we attract more quickly.  We can effort and effort in action, but what the universe responds to primarily is our vibration; in other words, our emotions .  Action without alignment slows things down or blocks it all together. In her book “ The Laws of the Universe ”, Christy Whitman describes how many of us go about creating what we want backwards .   We get into the action and doing mode before clearly identifying what we want and getting emotionally aligned with what we want ; or getting into the feeling place of having what we want

Paving the energy of your day or prepaving your vibrational path for the day means focusing on how you want to feel and not on how things feel right now .   If you practice the Law of Attraction process segment intending, you can be more deliberate about focusing your thoughts and become more aware of where your thoughts currently are. You can do this at the end of the day to prepare your vibrational path the following day, in the morning before you start your day or throughout your day.  

Segment Intending:

1. Think about all that you want to do during your day.  

2. Piece these activities into segments.   For example segment one: have breakfast with family, segment 2: drive to work, segment 3: complete report, segment 4: call client, etc…

3. Be clear about what you really want to happen in each segment ; how you want it to feel and how you want it to go.  

4. Connect to the feeling place of your intended segment.

If you are practicing segment intending throughout the day, take the time to set your intended tone and get your thought of expectation started even before you are inside your new segment.

Segment intending helps you to consciously consider what you are projecting and it gives you control of your future segments.  It can also reduce overwhelm as you are focusing on one thing at a time by asking yourself “What is it that I want now? ” and “How do I want it to go?”

Don’t underestimate the value of intention as you go about your day.  Jack Canfield, a well known success coach and originator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series tells us that 1 hr of energy work is equal to 7 hours of action .  Pre-paving your your vibrational path for the day demonstrates your belief in yourself as a Deliberate Creator and your belief in the universe to co-create with you.

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