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  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 21 Dec, 2016

 The Gift that Gives on Giving!

At this time of year many of us are rushing around finishing our last bit of Christmas shopping.   We are excited to see the looks on our loved ones faces when they open up our presents.   And our loves ones are equally excited to see the looks on our faces when we open our gifts.   Doesn’t it blow when the receiver of your gift is less than enthusiastic about what they received?

Christy Whitman, Law of Attraction speaker, writer and coach states that when we are not grateful for what the universe provides us, the universe is less likely to keep giving to us.   It is like when a child does not show appreciation for a gift from their parents, they are then less motivated to give.  

Are you an appreciative receiver?   Are you open to receiving?

The Law of Attraction has 3 basic steps 1. Ask 2. Believe 3. Receive.  

In reality, it is more like this:

  1. Ask: Get clear about what you want;
  2. Allow: Do the energy work to be in alignment with your desire;
  3. Act: Take inspired action; and then
  4. Receive: Be open to receiving.   

Steps 1, 2 and 4 are based in feminine or passive energy.   Unlike step 3 action which is considered to be masculine or active energy.

Step 2 or allowing is about deliberately focusing your thoughts and feelings to create what you want, as in the Law of Deliberate Creation. And, as the Law of Allowing states it is not about fixing or controlling anything. It is in part about acceptance of self, life and others as it is in the moment. It is also trusting and knowing that what you want is on its way as it has already been happening for you emotionally or vibrationally.   Allowing goes hand in hand with the Law of Detachment that teaches us that in order to attract what we want into our lives, we must detach from how it will happen and to some degree the outcome.  

When I met my husband, he did not look the way I expected.   But, I knew him because of all the energy work I had been doing to attract my ideal partner.   I instantly recognized the feeling I had when I was with him.   It was the same feeling I had been holding while doing the Law of Attraction processes intended to draw the love of my life to me and me to him.  

Step 3: When we are in a place of allowing we become inspired in our action. There is no effort or struggle.   And we are then open to receiving

In a similar fashion, Robert Holden, the author of “Be Happy” says that receiving is not about a technique.   It is about intention.   It is not about hard work, effort, labour or sweat.   It is about willingness.   It is about letting it happen and not making it happen.   Receiving is about surrender.  

Here are 5 important lessons about receiving:

  1. Give up struggle; When we are focused on lack our lives are a struggle. Stop buying into your struggle story;  
  2. Give up self-sacrifice; Instead be a helper and avoid neglecting yourself.  If you only give and not receive you will be in sacrifice and then you will have nothing to give.  
  3. Give up resentments; Let go in order to receive.  I was working with a client who was holding on to many resentments towards her family and it was blocking her from receiving her soulmate.  She was only able to experience a shift when she learned to let go of her anger;
  4. Give up the fear of rejection; let go of self-rejection to free yourself of others rejection.  Remember others are simply a reflection of ourselves.  Allow your full self to show up in your life; and 
  5. Give up pride; Be willing to ask for help.  

    Being able to receive does require connecting to your worthiness.   Receiving is the yin to the yang of giving.   The more freely you give, the more freely you are given to.  

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