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  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 14 Sep, 2016

You know that saying “Home is where the heart is”… I believe this to be true but here’s a different take.. “Home is where the body is”

One of the core teachings of The Law of Attraction as stated by Abraham Hicks is that we are a physical extension of that which is non-physical.  Another core Abraham teaching is that we are in our bodies because we chose to be here.  

I have been giving these teachings a lot of thought lately.  And I wonder what was my divine self thinking in choosing this body, this one I inhabit as my home?

The Secret to Manifestation

Christy Whitman, Law of Attraction author, speaker, and coach states that the secret to manifestation is the co-creative relationship between your physical body including your ego or personality and the non-physical self . Some of us call this non-physical part of us our soul, our spirit, our divine self or our connection to God, the Creator, Source or All That Is.

Our physical body and our non-physical selves have to work in unison in order to manifest what we want.  This is the essence of co-creation.  Although, Source can not create in the physical world without human form, it is important to understand that most of our creative power lies in our alignment with our divine selves.  

Our bodies are just the expression through which our soul creates.  When we are connected to the essence of who we truly are and when we are in alignment with the majority of who we truly are; abundance, joy, fun, freedom, power, peace, it is from this co-creative place that it is best to decide on our goals and take action.  

The body is a gift from source.  Even though we are not our bodies, we are inhabiting this beautiful home.  Unfortunately, many of us disrespect and dishonor the temple that houses our soul.

We do this by not providing our bodies with life-giving food and nurturing exercise .  We do this by overeating, under-eating, and excessive alcohol or drugs. We neglect ourselves when we are in pain and should seek medical treatment or alternative healing.  We do this by how we talk to ourselves about ourselves. 

My Story

My weight hit an all time high in early 20s when I was nearing 230 lbs . I had high cholesterol and high blood pressure .   I even had a near death experience in part due to my obesity.  

I hated my body and I hated looking at it.   When I think back to how I spoke to myself, my heart breaks.   At that time, I started on a personal development path.   I intended to love and accept myself.   Coming across the Law of Attraction was a saving grace.  

In my early 30s, after 10 years of solid inner work, I released 67 lbs.   And, I have been able to maintain my weight ever since. It wasn’t until I started loving my body with better feeling thoughts and emotions that I was able to give it life-giving food and nurturing exercise.   Excess and imbalance were closely connected to my extreme ways of thinking; my all or nothing thinking.   Loving myself promoted balance and harmony.  

It was my alignment with my non-physical self that allowed for my physical transformation.   In order to be able to express our soul direction good health is necessary.   The Law of Attraction taught me about my value and worth .   With this healthy body I can fully appreciate the wonders I am co-creating with my spirit.

“ We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience” (Pierre Teilhard De Chardin)  

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