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  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 02 May, 2016

Do you ever feel like you are struggling to get what you want?   Like you are in a boat paddling upstream against a powerful current?   Abraham Hicks, aka Esther and Jerry Hicks emphasize that “Nothing we want is upstream”!  

The Law of Allowing is where your real power lies.   Like the Law of Deliberate Creation, the Law of Allowing has to be applied. The Law of Deliberate Creation is about consciously choosing your thoughts and feelings to attract what you want.   Unlike the corresponding Law of Attraction which requires no application as it simply exists. You get what you are thinking about wether you like it or not.

The Law of Allowing is the principle of least action and of no resistance.   Allowing can be applied to ourselves, to others and the way we allow or receive from the universe to deliver all that we desire.  

Allowing is giving yourself permission to be who you truly are.   It is speaking your mind and choosing your own path, regardless of what others tell you.   When you appreciate and love yourself, you are connected to your divine self which is infinite love and appreciation. When someone tells you how much they love and appreciate you, these words feel good to you as they are in alignment with who you truly are.   If someone chastises you, you feel bad as these words are not in alignment with who you truly are.   When you judge yourself, you are disconnected from the flow of your divine truth.  

When you judge others, you are also disconnected from flow. Your ability to accept others as they are regardless of differences and similarities determines the degree to which you are allowing. If you believe people should think, feel and act as you do in order for you to be happy, you are going to have a lot of grief in your life.   If you believe others have to conform to your “rules”   for you to feel good about yourself, then you will never be free.   Your happiness will always be tied to others.    

Making other people “wrong” is judgment. Judgment generates lower level emotions that result in attracting more negative people, circumstance and situations in your life. Christy Whitman states in her book The Laws of the Universe , instead of making others wrong for who they are or what they do, observe and simply say “that’s something that I choose not to accept in my life”, then allow the person to be, have or do as they will without trying to fix them, change them or make them wrong.  

When you allow others in relationships to be as they are, it dissolves codependency because you are releasing the other person from being responsible for your happiness and well-being.   You recognize you chose to be in the relationship with this person, you were not forced to be and hold these thoughts, “You are free to be who you are and I am free to be who I am”.

Allowing is also about accepting those experiences we do not like, want or prefer to be happening, otherwise known as contrast. We must understand and know what we do not want in order to understand and know what we do want. The unwanted must be allowed, for the wanted to be received.

When we feel negative emotions because our thoughts do not match our desires we are in resistance. For example, if your desire is to be fit and healthy, but your automatic lack thought is “I don’t have time to exercise“, then you feel discouraged.   Resistance blocks us from the flow of pure, positive energy and prevents allowing.   Allowing requires us to release resistance by choosing better feeling thoughts, such as “When I put my mind to my health, I find the time” and getting to a place of hope, optimism, enthusiasm and passion.

Often we are focused on getting to where we want right now.   There is an urgency that holds a sense of desperation. Urgency is upstream thinking and feeling and counter to who you truly are.   Trust that the universe has perfect timing.   Let go go the oars.   Allow the flow of the current to turn your boat around and to get you to where you want to go.   Listen to Abraham, “All that you desire is downstream!”

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