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  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 24 May, 2016

The Rolling Stones released a song in 1960 called “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” . The lyrics of the song go on to say, “But, if you try some time you find, you get what you need”.   There is definitely some truth to both of these statements.   What if I told you that you can get what you need and want.  

Abundance means having plenty of whatever we want; having a reserve. Sufficiency is about having enough .   We live in an abundant universe, but we have been taught to believe in scarcity. This lack mentality interferes with our ability to manifest our heart’s desires.   A mentality of never being enough, never having enough, or that there is just not enough contributes to our struggle in getting what we want, rather than creating with ease and effortlessness.

The truth is as spiritual beings, in this moment, we are perfect, whole and complete.   Abundance is not only our birthright, it is who we are .   We are abundance.

If you are hooked onto the belief that you are never enough and that what you have is not enough, then you will continue to receive not enough.   You will receive an abundance of lack and limitation. Many of us delude ourselves into thinking “Well, once I lose that 10 lbs, or once I buy that house or once I get that ideal relationship, then I will be enough. Then, I will be happy.”   But, if we are always looking outside ourselves , waiting for that future thing to feel that we are enough, we will never truly be satisfied .   We will continue to look for something else to accomplish or have and never feel fulfilled. Nor, will we be in the now and appreciate what we have.

If we can appreciate who we are and what we have currently , then the universe will want to bring us more to be grateful for .   In her book, The Laws of the Universe , Christy Whitman states, “Manifestation happens when we can be in a place of feeling at peace with where we are, while being excited about the possibilities ahead.”

Also, we can not feel sufficed and abundant if we believe that there is not enough for everyone .   All desires are answered. All requests are given and no one is left out in the cold. If you stay aligned with your desire and your well-being, you always win. Somebody else does not have to lose for you to win. if you don’t get what you want, it is not because of lack or because someone else got your piece of the pie.   It is simply because you are not allowing or are out of alignment with your desire.   Or perhaps, what you wanted was not in your highest good or the highest good of all and the universe has something better planned for you.  

In the teachings of Abraham, Esther and Jerry Hicks explain that the Universe is like a well stocked kitchen with every ingredient available to us in any moment.   We can choose which recipes we create and which ingredients we put into our creations.   Every experience is available to us just like all the ingredients in a well stocked kitchen.

Since we are not programmed to think this way, we must train our minds to think thoughts of sufficiency and abundance.   We start by being grateful for what we have . Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer state in their book Creating Money , that adopting a spirit of gratitude acknowledges your power and ability to create, as it focuses your attention on what you have and what you pay attention to increases.   Gratitude is a constant reminder to yourself of how abundant the universe is and that you can trust its’ infinite flow.

Roman and Packer also advise, that if we want to magnetize more money into our lives, for example, then we need to adopt whatever quality we think that money will bring us .   If we think money will bring us peace, aliveness, self-esteem, or freedom, we need to ask ourselves, “How can I feel these qualities now?”  

I will leave you with these wise words from Roman and Packer. The best path to lasting wealth and abundance is to work your life purpose, do energy work to magnetize what you want before you take action and to live a life that is loving and joyful.   And,  

 The process of getting there is the quality of being there”

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