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Feel Your Way to the Power of Deliberate Creation

  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 11 Apr, 2016

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life?   I mean are you willing to take responsibility for “the good, the bad and the ugly”?   Being a deliberate creator means taking responsibility for our lives. All of it!    

We are constantly creating our reality, whether we know it or not and believe it or not.   This does not mean we intentionally create uncomfortable or painful situations in our lives.   Rather, we are often creating our reality without awareness.   We are either not mindful of the type of thoughts we are having and/or don’t realize how much our thinking creates our reality.  

While the Law of Attraction states that what we give thought to we attract, the second Universal Law, the Law of Deliberate Creation adds that what we give thought to with emotion we attract more quickly.   And, when we are practicing the Law of Deliberate Creation we are consciously choosing thoughts and emotions that feel better.  

In her book “ The Laws of the Universe ”, Christy Whitman describes how many of us go about creating what we want backwards.   We get into the action and doing mode before clearly identifying what we want and getting emotionally aligned with what we want; getting into the feeling place of having what we want .  

Nothing is more important than feeling good . When we are feeling bad that is just our emotions telling us that there is a gap between our desire and our thinking.   For example, if you want to release weight, yet your automatic thoughts are, “ It takes too much effort.   It’s just too hard ”, then your thinking does not match your desire.   But if you are telling yourself “I release weight with ease”, the better you feel and the more aligned you are with your desire.   Our emotions alert us to thinking that either matches or does not match our desire.

To be a Deliberate Creator you must:

Clearly identify what you want;

Focus on, pay attention to and think about what you want;

Feel it - imagine having what you want already;

Release doubt, fear, worry;

Determine how long it will take to happen;

Take Inspired Action on your Goal - one step at a time; and

Allow the Universe to bring you the people, places, circumstance and events to realize your goals.

Esther and Jerry Hicks, aka Abraham Hicks state that our emotions are the GPS for our lives. The more attention we give to what we want, the more the Law of Attraction responds and the faster the energy moves.   You can recognize the feeling of energy moving faster when you feel emotions such as enthusiasm, passion, exuberance or joy.   The longer we stay focused on what we want and maintain a positive focus with our thoughts and feelings the quicker our desire manifests.

Being a deliberate creator means letting go of a victim mentality and taking on a victory mentality.   It is not about blaming yourself or others.   It is simply about taking responsibility for your life and knowing you have the power to create what you want.   It is up to you to decide if you will be a victim or a victor.    

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