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DOES IT REALLY TAKE TWO TO TANGO? How Every Good Relationship Starts With You

  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 08 Feb, 2017

How Every Good Relationship Starts With You

If you are alive, you have been in relationship with another and you most likely thought at some point “If only they would….then everything would be good” or “If only they would…then I would be happy.”  The more I learn and apply the Law of Attraction and the corresponding Universal Laws the more I realize that it should be more like “If only I would….then I would be happy.” 

The Law of Allowing states that if we believe people should think, feel and act as we in order for us to be happy, then we are going to experience a life time of disappointment.  If we believe that people should conform to our “rules” in order for us to feel good, we will never be free as our happiness will always be tied to another.

Does this mean that we should stay in relationships where we are being disrespected or invalidated?   Maybe…All relationships are co-created.   We all come to our relationships with our own unique “baggage” of past issues, wounds, and limiting stories.   Our past baggage often acts as subconscious energy that is ever present in our current relationships.   Our energy is powerfully persuasive wether we are aware of it or not.  

When our partner is consistently rude to us we can build a strong case as to why it is their fault.  We can get into blaming and victim mode.   But, here is something to consider.  The Law of Refection states that everything; every person, relationship and situation in your life is a reflection of you.  The more a characteristic in someone else irks you, the more the universe is trying to get you to pay attention and to draw your focus within so you can change it within yourself.

Abraham Hicks tells us that in this instance you are more in vibrational match to that aspect of the other than a more positive aspect of them because you have some work to do in your vibration.   You are spending more time focusing on your relationship with them and what you want the other to do differently than on your point of focus; what you want to create.  

The more you point out things you do not like in your partner or anyone else, the bigger the gap becomes between what is and what you want.   The more you focus on the things you like most about the other person and let those things take up more space in your head and heart, the more the Law of Attraction will deliver to you more things that will match.  

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