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Inside Out - Tips and Bits

Inside Out - Tips and Bits

By Francesca Dattilo 19 Oct, 2017

Do you ever feel like a 2 year old having a tantrum when things do not go your way?  

In general I rarely get angry.   I feel irritation and annoyance at times, but this is low level anger that passes quickly.   But, oh boy!   when I have computer or tech issues, there been times I have wanted to throw my laptop out the window.   The curse words have been known to fly.   (I know that I am not alone here).   And then, my husband tries to help me out and he gets the brunt of my anger.

Even though my anger makes sense because something important to me is being blocked.   In this case, I am trying to get my work done for and on my business to create success, but the ****! computer is getting in the way.  

By Francesca Dattilo 05 Oct, 2017

Many of my clients are under the misconception that practicing the Law of Attraction along with the other Universal Laws means not allowing for negative emotions.  They fear that if they feel emotions that are uncomfortable or painful, then they will attract more things into their lives that they do not like, want or prefer to happen.  What I call contrast.

By Francesca Dattilo 28 Sep, 2017

Have you ever met someone who appeared very confident at first and then the more you got to know them you realized they lacked genuine self-confidence?    Perhaps, initially they came off quite assertive, even a little aggressive.   Yet, deep down they felt small.  

Or, you have met someone who is quite capable, competent, intelligent but they doubt themselves all the time.   They apologize too frequently and worry too much about upsetting or disappointing others. And, this doubt prevents them from taking on new challenges and growing.  

By Francesca Dattilo 20 Sep, 2017

I often say that we have a relationship with everything in our lives, including money.   We can determine if we will have a “For better or Worse” relationship with money.   This largely depends on the unconscious promises we have made to ourselves and the universe about our ability to create our abundance.  

By Francesca Dattilo 06 Sep, 2017

"When I look into the Future it is so bright it burns my eyes!"  (Oprah Winfrey)

Do you believe that we have thousands of potential future selves?  In this given moment, you can determine whether you will have a horrible future, a good future or an amazing future and these future selves can manifest in so many ways. 

By Francesca Dattilo 30 Aug, 2017

Here we are nearing the end of the summer.   It is getting darker earlier in the day again and there is a bit of a chill in the air.   The sure sign of Fall is when the kids return to school.   Soon, we will be putting our summer clothes away and bringing back our Fall/Winter attire.   I find this both sad and exciting.

I am sad that we only have so many warm, outdoor days ahead and I will soon be putting away my summer dresses and sandals for jackets and boots.   I am also excited to rediscover what I have stored away in my Winter bin.   And, to add to my wardrobe with some new Fall items!    

By Francesca Dattilo 23 Aug, 2017

I recently returned from holidays.  And, as some of you may know from one of my previous entries, I spoke of remaining mindful of this pleasant event and being unmindful of worry/planning thoughts about my business while I was off.

Well, things were going along swimmingly. Until, I returned from out of town to find that a social media platform where I have a business page had charged me near $ 900.00 for a game app that I had never downloaded or played.  I did reach out the the social media platform twice to find out how this happened and have yet to receive an explanation.

By Francesca Dattilo 16 Aug, 2017

I, like you and and many of my clients find that relaxing can be a challenge.   A number of my clients tell me that even when they are not working, their minds are not shutting off from work.   They are so preoccupied with their list of work “to dos” they are unmindful of their present moment.  

Many of the solopreneurs I coach are pre-occupied with worry and catastrophe thoughts like:

“If I take that time off, I will miss out on that sale or that client and then I won’t be able to pay my bills, pay off my debt etc…”

By Francesca Dattilo 26 Jul, 2017

“Today, I am committing to my physical well-being”

This mantra is my “go to” these days.   Largely, because this last year has been challenging when it comes to my health.   I am a huge advocate of life balance and harmony, so tending to my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being is of utmost importance to me.

Unfortunately, the reason I am a huge advocate of life balance and harmony is because I tend to get out of balance.   This last year,   my body has been doing a lot of talking.   It has been speaking to me with the recurrent colds/flus I had over the winter, and back, hip and knee pain.  

By Francesca Dattilo 20 Jul, 2017

Most likely, you have been invited to one or more weddings this summer.   With the warmer weather, wedding ceremonies and receptions are often held outside.   It can get a little confusing about what is appropriate to wear given the type of wedding.   Keep these tips top of mind to help you make more confident choices:

1. Always pay attention to the dress code on the invitation; Is it cocktail, formal black tie, beach, casual?

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