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5 Common Misconceptions about the Law of Attraction

  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 29 Feb, 2016

When I tell people I am a Law of Attraction Coach, I often get the response “Oh, like the Secret” to which I reply “yes” and “no”. What these people are referring to is the movie and the best selling book called The Secret that came out in 2006. Although, both the movie and book were helpful in making the Law of Attraction more mainstream, it did not provide a complete understanding of how the Law of Attraction really works.   

Misconception # 1:

“The Law of Attraction is for those new age, out there, energy people . It has nothing to do with me.” 

In her book the 7 Essential Universal Laws , Christy Whitman explains why the Law of Attraction is everyone’s business. It is a Universal Law because it applies to everybody, everywhere. Like the Law of Gravity it cannot be seen, but we know it exists. Being unaware of the Law of Attraction does not stop it from working. Good or bad you are creating your future in every moment. When we are aware of this Universal Law we can consciously put it into practice and create success in all areas of our lives. 

Misconception # 2

“All I have to do is think positive and all I want will come to me.” 

Christy Whitman also claims that The Secret mislead people to believe that positive thinking alone will create success. Dr. Joe Vitale, who appeared in the movie, The Secret indicated the same in his program The Missing Secret.   

The Law of Attraction is one of 7 Universal Laws that states whatever we focus on we receive and grows. The science of quantum physics has proven that everything is energy including our thoughts. Our thoughts have a certain vibration which then send out a signal and then a matching vibration or signal is sent back to us. Our feelings also resonate energy. In fact, our emotions are more powerful than our thoughts in attracting what we want. Our primary objective is to improve our feelings as the universe is less responsive to our words. It is responding to our energy which is always accompanied by our emotions. The words we use are simply a means to improve the emotion. 

Misconception # 3

“Success is a result of hard work and sacrifice.” 

Jack Canfield, a well-known success coach and the originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series states that 1 hour of energy work is equal to 7 hours of action. If we consciously work on improving our thoughts and thus improving the way we feel (energy work), we can attract what we want with more ease, less effort and quicker. 

Of course, we need to back our energy work with action. However, action taken when we are not aligned with our goal can actually backfire on us. For example, if we are having thoughts and feelings about our goal that make us feel bad, then no matter how much effort we put out, we are likely to block it from happening. 

By spending more time doing the energy work we can spend less time in action and forcing everything into being. As Esther and Jerry Hicks, aka Abraham Hicks teach in their numerous Law of Attraction books: our only job is to feel good. Then, the right people, circumstances, opportunities and events will come our way to help us fulfill our desires. 

Misconception # 4

“The Law of Attraction is against my religion.” 

The Law of Attraction has existed since the beginning of time.   It has taken many shapes and forms, but is not attached to any particular religion. Many great spiritual teachers and writers in history have spoken of the Universal Laws. 

Jesus proclaimed “Whatsoever things ye desire when ye pray, believe that you receive them and ye shall have them”. Buddha said “As a man thinketh, so is he”. And this quote from the Kabbalah, “Three are the dwelling of sons and daughters of Man. Thought, feeling and body. When three become one, you will say to this mountain move and the mountain will move.”   

Misconception # 5

“ It’s too late for me, I’ve been a pessimist all my life.” 

The good news is that no matter how long you have been practicing negative thinking and feeling, you can change your vibration at any point.   The Universe wipes the slate clean and as long as you stay focused on what you want 51% of the time versus what you don’t want 49% of time, you are activating positive vibration to manifest your desires!

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